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Oxford Brookes University+
Master of Science - Broadband Networks
Network Principles

This module teaches the principles and practice of computer networking with an emphasis on data communications and local area network technologies and design.

Secure Systems Architecture

In this module students will study computer and network security and the ways that computer systems can be secured. This module will look at both the technological and human issues involved in securing and assessing the security level of a modern networked computer system. It also introduces basic concepts of operating systems and architecture.

Wireless Systems and Networks

This module builds on the foundations laid in Wireless Principles and analyses the different wireless technologies and evaluates system and network solutions using these technologies. The physical layer, data link layer and the network layer issues will be addressed. The module provides students with the experience needed to be able to specify efficient and innovative wireless solutions to emerging applications.

Digital Communications

This module covers the principles and techniques of digital communications with particular emphasis on its applications in mobile and wireless networks.

Optical and Broadband Networks

This module teaches students the skills needed to specify, design and evaluate optical networks for telecommunications and data networks.

Digital Mobile Communications

This module teaches the principles and techniques of 2G mobile communications with particular emphasis on GSM networks. It covers infrastructure, protocols, multiplexing technologies, signalling, call set-up, data structures, system design and environmental considerations.

Project Dissertation
Oxford - United Kingdom
Transcript - Awarded with Merit
Network Principles 77%
Secure Systems Architecture 73%
Wireless Systems and Networks 69%
Digital Communications 71%
Optical and Broadband Networks 70%
Digital Mobile Communications 68%
Project Dissertation 78%
SUPINFO International University+
Master of Science - Computer Science and Information Technology
Awarded with Honours
Microsoft - Cisco - Citrix - Oracle - Linux - Asterisk - IT Law - Management - Development - Web Development - Architecture
San Francisco - United States of America
Montreal - Canada
Grenoble - France